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Felix, Anita

Anita Felix was born in South Africa and raised mostly in Gauteng.  She lived with her husband and two sons in Cape Town for 7 years before moving to the USA.

She describes herself as a devoted wife and mother, enjoying every moment of her God-given life.  Her family provides balance in her life, keeping her humble.  They have always been her inspiration and without them, her art would only be a dream.

Her "Dresses" paintings are inspired by the artistry of ballet and the 18th century fashion.  While painting them, she feels herself dancing, feeling freedom, romance, grace and peace.

Her "Landscapes" reflects her childhood in South Africa, experiencing nature in all its glory and beauty - sunsets. sunrises, wild animals and the ocean is burned in her memory.  Natural colours of land and ocean reveal themselves to her gracefully.  All she needs to do is add the brush strokes... and some paint!