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Neethling, Kriegler

Kriegler Neethling was born in 1972 in the Free State.  He studied B Comm Accounting at the University of Free State and is currently a Financial Manager.  He paints part-time and has had numerous solo exhibitions as well as participated in many group and invitational exhibitions over the past years.

The artist's style can be described as a combination of cubistic and impressionistic.  His cubistic style, which is meant to be realistic but with many views of a subject at one time, is inspiring.  Piecing together fragments from different vantage points into one painting, symbolizes part of life.  Everyone has a different view of life.

His mediums of preference are oils and acrylics.

Kriegler's emotion to create, brings new energy to him as an artist and serves as the oil that anoints each work of art.  For him art is a form of embracing life and communicating this inspiration to any one that is interested to stand still, observe and interpret it as a part of their life experience...