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McClarty, Kristen

Kristen McClarty was born in Zululand.  She grew up surrounded by excesses of endless blue skies and lime green sugarcane fields..  Life, but with a fresh coat of varnish.  She started drawing and painting before she started school, experimenting with all mediums.  And frustrating her art teacher with her persitent use of autonomous colour.  Kirsten has a pasion for expressing her version of waht she sees.

The artist left a career in tax law to concentrate on painting.  Some years ago, she switched from oil to acrylic, which offers her the colour intensity that she continues to see around her.

Kristen brings her background and approach to life to the canvas - unadulterated colour with an intellectual twist.  She has exhibited her work at a number of galleries, and has taken part in a group exhibition in Kirstenbosch in 2011.