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Maddock, Taya

As the daughter of acclaimed artist, Anny Maddock, Taya was raised in a creatively stimulating environment and started drawing and painting at a very young age.  Her perceptive skills were developed, learning to see colour in grains of sand, the subtle nuances of tonal values, and the exquisite details of nature.

Taya was born in Hermanus in 1983 and has lived in this coastal resort most of her life. During her school career she also attended the Lady Grey Arts Academy in the Eastern Cape where she excelled as a pianist and lead vocalist of the school choir,  as well as achieving awards as the most gifted artist in the school.

Her final two years of schooling was at Hermanus High School and during this time she attended adult art classes under the tuition of artist Shelley Adams.

After matriculating she attended a private college in Stellenbosch to study Fashion Design and later also various Web Design courses. Taya has been working in IT for the past couple of years but recently gave up her job to pursue her career as a full-time artist.

After being faced with many personal struggles, Taya's work became far more simplified. “Life is simple. It is not easy, but it is simple, and it is abstract. That is my belief, it is who I am – and I would hope that it is evident through my work.”

The simplified expression of her subject matter is key to her technique. She strips the subject of all pretences and leaves it open and exposed to the viewer. Her palette is often muted and she makes use of stylized line and shape. Her use of colour is subject to the relevant message she is trying to convey and she uses arbitrary colours which give the subject a quiet and serene feel, if need be. As a person Taya is deeply passionate and forthright, and these qualities are reflected in her expressive recent works which are sometimes reminiscent of Carl Buchner's portraits.  Even in her earlier pencil sketches, the boldness of her style was evident and Taya now has the confidence to break down her subject matter into simple colours, shapes and forms.`

Her work has been exported and sold in the UK, Canada and Germany and investment buyers saw her potential at a very early stage. Whilst still at school, her art was already included in various art collector's homes and collections.