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Hanekom, Sandra

Sandra Hanekom was born in 1971.  After matriculating from the Johannesburg School for the Arts (previously Die Kruin) she studied Fine Arts at Stellenbosch University.  

She has been working as an artist from 1994, participating in various group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.  

She had her first solo exhibition titles “Waiting” in 1998 at the Open Window Contemporary Art Gallery in Pretoria.  In 2001 she had her second solo exhibition, “Muf”, at the Bellville Art Gallery.  

In 1999 she curated the “Anima-I” exhibition together with Wilna Coetzer, representing such remarkable artists as Lien Botha, Fritha Langerman, Hannele Benade and Doreen Southwood.    

She has served on the boards of the Durbanville Cultural Society, the East London Art Society and the Bellville Arts Board.  She lives in the Western Cape.  

"I have always wanted to be an artist.  This sense of self and destiny has shaped my being so conclusively; it has effectively ruined the prospect of being anything else.  It has also left me singularly obsessed.  Because I cannot “do” anything else, I have to work hard at art.  I believe in the dictum of taking art seriously and not the artist, and applying that rule to myself.    

I would describe my work as ironically romantic, with a definite sense of narrative and the personal.  

I have to “believe” the work myself to make it believable to the viewer.  Belief in itself is an incredibly difficult action to me, especially when random or external.  The only “belief” fathomable to me is in my own reality on un-reality.    

My works become vessels carrying the essence of my life and when I try very, very hard, those of other people as well".