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Van Rensburg, Rudie

Born in Bloemfontein, Rudie is a self-taught, full-time artist, living in the Western Cape since 1987, and has been painting for the past 24 years.  His preference is acrylics, although he has worked with watercolours and oils in the first part of his career.

His art is a blend of fantasy, playfulness and simplicity.  He does not like to paint the normal, ordinary, known world.  His world on canvas corresponds with the pictures in his head..  When he is in an expressionistic mode he likes to exaggerate and distort line and colour.  The purpose of his art is to reach a certain form: one does not necessarily look for an elegant effect, but rather for a general shape to satisfy the inner impulse.  When he starts with a painting he does not always know what his destination is, but he recognises it immediately when he reaches it.

In many of his paintings he only uses the palette-knife to obtain an interesting and uneven texture.  Through the years he has experienced with different styles and techniques: from conventional realistic, pop and pure abstract art to heavily textured expressionistic work (where he mixes his paint with garden soil or sand) to his current scratch painting-technique.

Although he generally paints to entertain, he has in the past used his art to protest against the high level of crime in South Africa.  In 2007, he presented a huge painting consisting of three panels entitled – Cry of the Rainbow Nation, depicting the violent face of crime in our country – to the then Minister of Safety and Security.

He has participated regularly in various exhibitions in the Western Cape and South Africa and his works are part of collections in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.