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Van Der Merwe, Hermien

Hermien’s latest work has South African indigenous flowers as a theme.  Having always loved our Fynbos – she often goes for walks in Fynbos rich areas and love the fragrance and the textures of the plants.

She was again inspired by these beautiful plants at a market in October 2008.  One of the stalls had lovely products made from Fynbos flowers, like bath oils, soaps, wall hangings and the most beautiful little angels made almost entirely from dried flowers.

It was then that she decided it was time for her to paint a series of these amazing flowers.

Fynbos, from time to time, need to die (scorched by fire), to bring forth new life. Us as humans also need to die in ourselves, to bring forth new life.

She often keeps her colours subdued to reflect the stillness of the theme.  The pale greens in the background of her paintings accentuate the subtle, fragile subject.  Lately she has also used warm reds as background colour.  The contrast symbolizes the hardiness versus the fragility of these plants.

Through her paintings, Hermien would like you to see, feel and smell with her...