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Richards, Sarah

Sarah Richards was born in Durban, and spent her childhood living in a variety of places around Southern Africa and returned to Durban to study Fine art - majoring in sculpture - at the Durban Technikon (1989 – 1990). After four years of international travel, Sarah made art and taught drawing, painting and sculpture to adults. She completed her Masters in Fine Art at the Durban University of Technology in 2008. Now Sarah is living and practising her art in the KZN midlands.

Sarah’s work should be applauded for its unapologetic celebration of the human experience. She appeals to the passions which drive us, the energy which binds us and the spirit moving as the deeply interconnected flow of our most essential characteristics. Her work is less about rendering the world as we see it and think of it, and more about the world as we feel it and move within it.

The ‘process’ of creating the sculpture is important and the early stages of modeling are a time of discovery. Sarah uses a mixture of mediums from wax and plasticine, allowing for fluidity, rough Rhinolite for texture, and plaster-of Paris for structure, producing an adventurous exploration into the understanding of the chosen subject. In the creative process an intimate relationship develops between the subject and herself. The animal sculptures explore Sarah’s love of nature, and wonderment at the different characters of each creature, discovered through close encounters and study. The figure sculptures represent an emotional journey in discovering more about human form and action. They are based on her own personal experiences and observations.

Through paint Sarah uses colour and texture to explore the emotive essence of her different topics. She is curious about how the apparent simplicity of rising hill from a distance is so complex. This works as a metaphor but in reverse, life seems so complex, all the small details can bog one down or seem over whelming at times and exciting on another day. But stepping back and looking at things from a distance one realises that it all just a simple calm hill.