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Bothma, Alida

Alida Bothma is a versatile artist who works in a wide range of media and techniques. She is known for her paintings as well as her children’s book illustrations, which have been described as imaginative, roguish and evocative.

She enjoys her role in making children’s books and sees the illustrations as a child’s first exposure to an “art exhibition”.

The artist continues: “I work on different levels. On the one hand I do light-hearted illustrations for children, and on the other I paint, sometimes portraying my deepest thoughts, emotions and convictions. My book illustrations are naturally inspired by the story or the poem that I have to bring to life visually, but for my paintings I find my inspiration in many things that stir my heart. Things like nature, my love for the African continent and all its cultures, human vulnerability, and my relationship with God.”

She often combines her media, and works in charcoal, inks, pastels, acrylics and also some graphic techniques. Lately she has been concentrating more on working in oils on canvas and board.

She studied art at the Cape Town Technikon in the seventies. Her first international exposure was in 1977 when some of her watercolour paintings were included in an international aquarelle exhibition in Germany. Since then, besides South Africa, her works have been exhibited in Japan, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Iran and India.

She is the recipient of several prestigious awards in this country as well as abroad.