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Brown, Leonie.e.

The versatility and raw artistic talent of Leonie E. Brown has been recognised and celebrated at a very early stage in this prolific painter’s career. At the tender age of twenty-two she has already won the prestigious 1986 Volkskas Atelier Fine Art Award, in addition to both the Schweicherd and Gregoire Boonzaaier Art Bursaries the year before. As is often the case, such esteemed accolades can exert a substantial amount of pressure on a young artist, and for Leonie it was no different. A time of intense introspection followed, resulting in a clean break from painting for a period of ten years.

With the dawn of the new millennium, however, she returned with new vigour to her canvasses and brushes, and within a short period of time her renewed application and enthusiasm has enabled her to devote herself entirely to her unique brand of Art. As a result, she has been painting full-time since 2002.

Leonie has taken part and either been placed or won some of the most prestigious awards for Fine Art in South Africa, which includes the following:

1. Gregoire Boonzaaier Art Bursary, First prize, 1985.

2. Potchefstroom Talent Festival: First prize, 1986.

3. Schweikcherd Art Bursary for Painting.

4. Winner of Volkskas National Fine Art Competition. Placement and First Prize

in Fine Art Category, 1986.

5. Rolfes Impressions. Placement in top 10 nationally.

6. Total Exhibition for Young Artists.

Her abstract work has been described as Abstract Expressionism, but this has not limited Leonie’s oeuvre; her realistic work contains and conveys the same explosive energy as her conceptual creations. With the use of extremely thick impasto paint, bright and unusual colour combinations and her own secret intriguing technique, her work tends to overpower the space it occupies. She believes that the work in itself should be sufficient and powerful enough to carry out the message she is attempting to express. Overall, her art is treated as an exclusive message to her audience. The artist feels that every painting, whether realistic or abstract, is uniquely destined for the viewer who will recognize the message as his or her own. Each picture is a little glimpse of heaven, a moment in which the Creator speaks a personal and very intimate message to His chosen created.

Submerging herself entirely in the creative process, she feels the painting should dictate to the artist, resulting in a spontaneous approach where imperfections are viewed as an integral part of the route to true aesthetic creation.

In addition to numerous solo and joint exhibitions on South African soil, her work forms part of private collections all over Europe, especially Germany and the United Kingdom.