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De Villiers, Marittie

Marittie was born 8 January 1966 and grew up and matriculated in Potchefstroom and earned her degree B.A. (Communication) from Potchefstroom University.

Travelled between 1994-2003. Her travels have definitely influenced her style. It includes South America, North America, sailing in the Caribbean and Bahamas for 6 years, North Africa. Places close to her heart which she often have in mind when painting are Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and French Caribbean islands.

Faces fascinate her endlessly. Creating emotions and atmosphere through the use of colour in the human face and figure are the most important elements in her paintings. She makes flat-surface "MOVIES" when painting, she becomes the figure, the emotions and landscape of thoughts.

The human being in all it's aspects interests her. She is attracted to the exotic, the gypsy, and passionate side of life. Light and dark is often used to create tension and a strong feeling. She enjoys painting the old and young, pretty and less pretty...

She likes to play with paint, wood, words, music and their six cats and two dogs. She believes in developing one's own creativity, rather than being entertained. She does not own a TV, nor any computer game. She is passionate about painting, reading, drawing, making music and listening to music. And quietness.

Her work is exhibited widely in South Africa and in private collections internationally.