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Reyneke Van Den Berg, Amanda

Amanda's love as far as the different disciplines of the visual arts are concerned, is drawing.

She breaks away from the traditional approach to drawing not only by combining various mediums in a drawing but mixing the actual mediums together whilst drawing. Her artwork can be described as 'drawn paintings 'or ' painted drawings'.

She prefers to work with a limited palette that gives rise to a relatively monochromatic effect. Thus is the emphasis placed on the process of mark-making through which she expresses herself. The result is a minimalistic drawing with a strong graphic quality and specific atmosphere.

The surface of the paper on which she works is often altered or disturbed through collage, or various other media to achieve specific results. She then works back onto and into the disturbed surfaces. This gives her work interesting and unexpected textures that invite the viewer for closer examination.

Amanda investigates everyday objects by means of accurate drawing and places them in surroundings composed of energetically drawn lines, marks and textures. At first glance the objects in her work seem to be incoherent and unrelated, but the story-telling quality of the artwork holds the picture together and leaves it to the viewer to complete the story.

The minimalist quality of her work is further emphasized by the selective choice of objects. The impact of simplicity, underwrites the atmosphere created. The objects are placed against a background of wide open spaces, inspired by and reflecting the environment where she currently resides, the green Kalahari of the Northern Cape.

Her work portrays the paradox of life. Man's excitement about the unpredictable and the unexpected yet fear of the unknown. Nature's vulnerability and strength. Light, endless space and big skies filled with nothingness yet heavy with potential are depicted in her artwork.

She studied Art and Design at the Technikon Pretoria (now the Tshwane University of Technology). Amanda also obtained a National Higher Diploma in Tertiary Education as well as the National Higher Diploma in Design.

Amanda lectured at the Technikon Pretoria and the Cape College for 22 years collectively, each time resigning from a senior position. Furthering her own skills whilst lecturing, she worked as a freelance designer, partook in a number of group exhibitions and was involved with product development for the international craft trade.

After her retirement from formal education she focused on her own art, pursuing her passion for drawing and mark-making and investigating 'light'.