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Pekeur, Selwin

Selwin Pekeur was born in South Africa on 23rd November 1957 and has been dedicated to his career as a full-time artist since 1998.

Pekeur was a former art teacher who studied under the well known Amos Langdown and Peter Clarke. In this capacity he was appointed convenor of the schools art project and was involved in organising workshops and exhibitions for children's art and young artists. Selwin is a founder member of the E'Bezweni Art Group (E.A.G.) established in Paarl in October 1994. Solomon Siko, Kerwin Cupido, Dylan Denyssen and Alby Bailey are also members of the group.

A positive influence in the new South Africa, Selwin chooses to explore humour as a force to bridge the cultural divide rather than redefine the fault lines that have separated the Cape communities of the past. Laughter heals. The viewer becomes a voyeur observing an intimate moment of family life on a sultry afternoon in a township home. Black is beautiful in this artist's vision. Selwin's women are great inflated fantasies, titillating and festooned in colourful frippery.

Selwin loves to experiment with different materials, media and techniques. He has worked as a sculptor, print maker and paints in oil and acrylic.