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Gadd, Anthony

Anthony has carried a passion for art from his early school days in the Eastern Cape. A childhood spent roaming farms and interacting with wildlife, gave him a deep respect and knowledge about his environment, which he now translates into his paintings.

Nearly two decades as a Commercial Artist, Creative Director, and later Director of his own advertising agency, did little to quench his thirst for painting. In between being a dad, deadlines and directing, he used what little time he had to explore his fascination with art. Finally he decided to turn his passion into his career and started painting full time in 2004.

Anthony has an exceptionally rich spectrum of professional and personal experience, abilities and talents to draw from. His experience in design has blended well with his instinctive use of a variety of mediums and his ability to draw with awesome accuracy.

Anthony has won the South African Society of Artists award for best mixed media in their annual exhibition, participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions, and has frequently been commisioned. Gallery owners and the public are excited by his unique and dynamic concept and approach to art.