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Wenman, Laura



I consider myself very privileged to be able to paint and teach for a living. 

Even though I paint landscapes, figures and still lives I have a natural leaning towards portraiture.  My preferred medium is oils because it is so compliant and versatile, for me it feels like liquid velvet.  When I start a painting it's like embarking on a journey.  Yes there are peaks and valleys, easy and difficult sections but the experience is so satisfying because after every painting I finish I come away learning something new. 

Seeing a blank canvas transform into a visual story never ceases to amaze me.  Through my style which is impressionistic at the moment, I do interpret my subjects rather than producing a frozen image. I prefer to make every person come alive by capturing their unique personality, character, soul and essence. I always paint to music, this keeps me in the rhythm from beginning to end. The feeling of anticipation is always present with every painting I do, strangely enough, this helps me to persevere.



Born 1st Dec 1956 in Johannesburg. 



Schooling: Std 9 and 10 The Johannesburg Art School for Ballet and Music 

Tertiary Education: Cape Tech for Graphic Design Diploma 

Art Classes: Ryno Swart 

Workshops: Judith Carducci, Lesley Charnock. 


15 years as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for numerous Design Studios and Advertising Agencies, 2 years Teaching Airbrush and Rendering Techniques at 'The Foundation School of Art' in Cape Town and 18 years Teaching Fundamentals in Fine Art Painting 



SASA (South African Society of Artists)  WCAS ( Western Cape Artist Society)

 2016  SASA Annual: Best Oil and Highly Commended

 2015  SASA Life Drawing: 2nd Place

 2015  SASA Eleanor Palmer: 2nd Place

 2015  SASA Annual: x3 Commended

 2014  SASA Annual: Best Oil

 2014  SASA Eleanor Palmer:1st Place

 2014  SASA Still Life: 1st Place

 2014  SASA Landscape: 1st Pace

 2014 WCAS Annual: Best Oil and Commended

 2013  SASA Annual: Highly Commended

 2013  SASA Eleanor Palmer:2nd Place

 2013  SASA Life Drawing: 1st Place

 2012  SASA Eleanor Palmer: 2nd Place

 2011  SASA Honorary Title of " FELLOW "

 2011  SASA Annual: Commended

 2010  SASA Eleanor Palmer:2nd Place

 2008  SASA Annual:Highly Commended

 2008  SASA Eleanor Palmer: 3rd Place

 1994  Standard Bank Singapore Show Stand: 1st Place

 1993  New York Award: For Illustrations.

 1992  Richleigh Shoes Show Stand England: 1st Place